Tuin No(ta)ties (MasterThesis)

A research on Japanese gardens, which compositions reflect an investigation into the relationship between man and nature and the paradox that this subject entails. These gardens control the uncontrollable, they compose the random, create static forms of fluidity and dominate in giving support. Out of this research, the conditions arise to create new timespaces, where the material and the immaterial become balanced.

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Ruisdeeltjes Noise Particles

I.c.w. Lenny van Gent

This publication is developed as a parallel project next to the work Noise Spectrum.

Zoë d'Hont invited writer Lenny van Gent to create a fictive story for each colour of noise, to lead the viewer into the different sound worlds. Each part guides us to a different frequency of existence. Eight colours, eight stories, eight spacetimes, in which reality slowly bends and nostalgia transforms into alienation. These stories are presented in a book accompanied by drawings from the artist.

With the kind support of Stichting Niemeijer Fonds and Jump! Talenthub.

Edition 100 / 2022 / Dutch / English / 20 euro (available)

Photo by Loes van Duijvendijk


The publication concludes a year of working in the Japanese tea garden of Shofukan Rotterdam. In a short story accompanied by drawings, seasons pass by through the framework of the chūmon, the middle gate that separates the tea garden from the outer garden. The movements through the garden, and the subtle observations that follow, breathe wandering at a place over a longer period of time.

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