Axis Mundi

Axis mundi is an old mythological term that represents the world axis that connects earth and heaven. It appears in several symbols as the tree of life (nordic myths), a cosmic mountain (asian religions) or the human body (yoga). The work transforms the Grey Space into a forest full of trees of life and cosmic mountains. Enlighted in soft green tones, the space is pregnant of growth, air and bloom. The visitor can take place in vertical cocoons to contemplate the scene and experience their own body as the world axis. At the 'meeting field’ different performers are invited every day during the exhibition to animate the space and create different layers of meaning.

Axis Mundi was part of Locating ArtScience #2 Children of the Space, a satellite programme of Todays Art Festival, and curated by Anastasia Loginova

Photos by Dora Ramljak (left and right)

Photo by Jezus Canuto

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