December 1952 (After Earle Brown)

August 2021, Helmond

The work derives from a graphical music notation by Earle Brown: December 1952. The notation is transformed into a three-dimensional space through which movement becomes possible, the camera functioning as an entity that occupies place and perspective. The various movements are translated into an auditory experience, in which the relationship between subject and object is explored. How do we relate to our environment? To an architecture or object? What exactly causes you to be attracted to something and react? What moves you? Moments of physical presence and tangibility alternate with abstract cosmic resonances. A continuous interaction between the small and the large. Sound can resonate the whole tonality of life.

With using existing notations, the importance of interpretation is emphasized. To observe carefully, interpret, then respond to and appropriate a particular environment (whether that be musical notation, architecture, language system, or ecosystem). An attempt to give meaning in a world of an infinite amount of realities and possibilities.

Photos by Peter Cox

Binaural recording, headphones recommended

Original Notation of December 1952 by Earle Brown

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