Photos by Zoë d'Hont

Time moves both ways

12 september 2020, Sint Gertrudiskerk, Bergen op Zoom

During Popmonument, the visitor in the Sint Gertrudiskerk is invited to take part in a sacrificial ritual. Found artefacts from the first and second centuries have shown that the church was a former sacrificial site. Upon entry, each individual visitor receives a porcelain stone. After the concert of Remy van Kesteren the visitors are allowed to place the stone at the designated place. Fields of felt have been created in the church as a tribute to the church and its eventful history. Looting, fires and unfinished construction projects have resulted in a variety of architectural styles. The floor plans of 4 different stages of the church have been taken as a starting point to compose an abstract landscape that evokes associations of an archaeological site. That which remains and passes gives rise to a greater thinking about time. Reflecting on a place and a moment takes your thought back and forth. Time moves both ways.

Photos by Etiënne Homs

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